Love is beautiful and the way it is depicted in media makes it fanciful for all. Love can take you to new unexplored realms of happiness and soul touch. It is the phase of life in which you can be ecstatic, when things going right or it can be devastating when things not in rhythm. Different people take it differently some think that it’s a heart to heart connection while the others opine that it’s the combination of brain and heart both. As many people as many opinions. The experts define it as a phase of life.

Take your time

Love grows gradually for the person you have a liking. Love at first sight is an attraction and not actual love. However, it can lead to your true love. Love is skin deep and with time test only one can realize whether it’s an infatuation or just superficial feeling of love that is making you crazy. Love is important and can help you in moving further, make you a better person and even help you in becoming stronger. Love is beautiful when you are in love with the right person. So do not haste in making a decision and do not be late either to let the right person go. If the other person has given you indications but you are not prepared for, then do not dive into, as this will lead to mess in future. Keep away from any mess. Being single is wonderful in such a case. Close friends are life boosters enjoy with them.

Do not run after someone

May be you have strong feelings for someone but that person is absolutely neutral to you then need not waste time and energy for such a relationship. If he is meant for you he will definitely be a part of your life some day. But, rushing after him pestering him and yourself will not help.

Move on

Yes you were mad for this person at one point of time in your life but now the situation has changed. If your partner has become mean and selfish then it is certainly not love for him. You need to decide the next step and move on saying good bye to him politely. It will be better for you and him both. Before, this takes an ugly shape it’s better to choose separate ways.

Love is personal and private

Well! living the life of a celebrity is not easy. They are followed by media and even their personal life gets affected. Are you a celebrity? If no, then love is beautiful when it stays as a personal matter of you too. There is no need to talk about it in public or share your pictures on social media. You never know what’s coming next. Love is a private part of your life which you two should cherish and enjoy between each other. Do not make your love story a mockery show in public. Wait for the right moment to tell the whole world about it. First prepare yourself and learn to grow in love. Have you thought of gifting something. Buy engagement ring of her choice when you want the whole world to know.

Love is not a pressure test

If love bothers you and each day is a kind of new experiment or exam then believe me it’s not normal. Somewhere there is an exploitation factor involved. Your partner either has no trust or is over expecting from you. Decide your limits and take a strong stand. You need not throw yourself into a pressure test. Your partner cannot take you for granted and keep testing you all time. Love is not easy and maturity is needed. If you are not prepared for it then do not plunge into it just because you see your friends freaking out with someone. May be your right person has not arrived yet into your life.

LOVE is not just a four letter word

Love grows with time and when you start liking the person for every action or reaction it gets beautiful each day. You must accept him as he is and with your love you see him becoming a better person. Mind you ‘changing’ is not the right word. You should not change anyone because his originality is his beauty. Do not put him in an awkward situation of compelling him to be what he is not. Love brings responsibility with it. Love evolves each person as a complete human being. You need to understand the feelings of others and learn to respect them the way they are. If you are uncomfortable and its adding to your miseries then you have mistaken love for something else in your life.