It is a well known fact that a healthy woman can give birth to a healthy baby. However, it could be tougher to conceive, although if the person enjoys solid health and has the right partner. Fertility could be affected due to several factors. Hence, if the individual plans to get pregnant, then it would be important to know as to what kind of changes would be required in the present lifestyle and what is to be avoided.

Things which could mess with fertility and needs to be avoided

Junk food: Not consuming proper nutrients can cause disruption in regulation of essential reproductive hormones such as testosterone, insulin and progesterone.

Cholesterol: Besides harming the heart, high cholesterol can impact negatively the ability to conceive. Both partners having high cholesterols would have problems to conceive.
Stress: Yoga and spa can help women having tough time getting pregnant. Higher levels of stress would increase infertility risk. There are ways and means for the individual to de-stress herself in five minutes.
Poor oral health: Women facing higher gum bleeding levels and inflammation can have fertility issues. Therefore, it is necessary to floss, brush and to have the teeth examined every six months.
Folic acid deficiency: Folic acid is an important vitamin that needs to be consumed, if the person desires to be pregnant. This essential B-complex vitamin is used by the body for creating red blood cells and around 400 micrograms is required every day.
Smoking: It is without doubt harmful to both breast and lung and requires immediate ditching. Even those exposed to second-hand smoke for about six hours or more can have trouble conceiving.
Weight: Being overweight can pose to be a problem while trying to become pregnant, since unhealthy weight could mess up with ovulation and periods.
Hormonal imbalances: Thyroid is considered to be an important factor to metabolism regulation and can affect conceiving ability. Abnormalities in Thyroid could lead towards infertility due to thyroid hormone alterations, be it hypothyroid or hyper, which interferes with ovulation.
Medication: Mood stabilizers and anti-depressants may produce prolactin in more numbers that can affect the individual’s ability to conceive. Finding a better and natural alternative is suggested.
Age: Most modern women have been noticed to postpone their pregnancy, due to relationship status, career, etc. Fertility is said not to last for a long time and after 32 tends to slow down and is more pronounced after the age of 40.
Breastfeeding: One should understand that breastfeeding is not birth control and is a common misconception. But it can make it tough to get pregnant, as fertility can be impacted, because of higher secretion of prolactin.
Cervical Mucus: An important fluid secreted by cervix, necessary for baby making. It assists in protecting sperms while it travels through female reproductive tract. Abnormalities can cause infertility, if too thick.
Lubricants: Conception can be challenged by lubes and at times, it could impair fertility with the sperm getting affected. Sperm friendly lubricants are to be used.
Fibroids or Uterine Polyps: These are generally round, oval or small endometrial tissue overgrowths which remain attached to uterine wall and comprises of muscular tissue. The benign growths could cause infertility.
Artificial nighttime light: Staring at tablet screens and smartphones at night can mess both sleep cycle and fertility. Exposure to late night could suppress melatonin production, a sleep hormone. Its insufficient production could disrupt development of internal clock of fetus, thereby resulting in issues for a long time.
Phthalates: These are synthetic chemicals used in some cosmetics and plastics and could compromise on ability to conceive.
Chronic health conditions: Diabetes and endometriosis could have significant impact on conceiving ability.
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