If its marriage that you have opted to stay together with choice then turning it into the happy one is not only the responsibility of your partner. Marriage gets you closer and unites you with your partner for long term expectation. Long lasting happy marriages have contributed to the success story of some known legends. It is well said that charity begins at home if there is peace and happiness at home, your mind will be less stressed and would be able to perform better. Do you want happiness after marriage or have you planned to getting married until you come to the conclusion that you were not the marriage material.You need to understand that marriage is considered to be the union of a man and a woman.From day one you should know that marriage is built on the  principle of magnetism that is ,unlike poles attract each other.

Union of man and woman

Biologically and emotionally man and woman are made different. God made them different with the purpose of creating the best blend possible. Man and woman reproduce and that is how the society builds and move on. It’s the need of any civilization. Marriage is supposed to be a legal and public declaration of long term relationship to meet various needs by each other.Marriage is considered to be a life time commitment.

Marriage institution was formulated to curb the social evils and so that every one has a fair chance of living their life upto complete man hood.So why such a fair practice falls apart when two people vow to stand by together in all times. If you want your marriage to succeed then there are certain key points which are shared by long lasting couples that you should follow. Although there is no magic key to make your marriage everlasting.

Forget and forgive

Everyone does mistakes but an innocent mistake or something that  hurted you in the past does not mean that you become judgemental and start nagging your partner for silly mistakes. The serious blunders should be discussed but only if they do not fracture your relationship. It also depends how intense your relationship is. So be careful and stop cribbing all time and unload yourself with the burden of some past errors of your partner.

Be faithful

A two way process.It would be foolish of you to think that you can easily get away even if you are cheating your partner. Believe me everything has a price. If you are cheating your partner then your present will certainly affect your future. If your present is so stressed then how can you expect a pleasant future. Needless to say, you cannot expect your partner to stay faithful to you in such a case.