These lines have come straight from heart. Choose the one that connects with your heart. In the perfect background setting with one knee bend down on the ground, hold her hand and just propose her with happy feeling and confidence. If your love is genuine her heart will hear.

  1. Unable to take you off my mind. No matter how much I try. I feel I’ve fallen for you and would like to be with you forever.
  1. Now living my life with you is what I dream and desire. Will you make my life complete by being my partner till eternity?
  1. I do not regret why god took so long to send you in my life. But I thank him as I know he has made you for me forever.
  1. What’s the meaning of life if your loved one is not with you? I feel complete only when you make me believe each time that you are there for me.
  1. Who knows for what we were created? But one thing what I am sure about is, that we were created for some deed to be done by us together.
  1. I promise you that I will never make you feel alone or leave you alone in the middle of life. It’s only god who can separate me from you.
  1. Love is life and my life is you. Be my wife and make me the happiest man on this planet.
  1. Whenever I am with you everything vanishes from my sight and it’s only you whom I can feel and sense around. Only you are visible to my heart, brain and me.
  1. My heart and soul are at extreme happiness and peace with you. I love you for being a wonderful person and making me a part of your life. Please stay with me forever to make my soul happier each day I grow with you.
  1. I love you –it means a lot to me coz that’s the only truth I understand. Life will be meaningless without you.
  1. I love you – please allow me to live happily with you and add on the happiest moments in our memories for the years to come.
  1. Your sensation is most dear to my heart. Grant me one life with you to cherish true love and unknown realms of happiness.

at the end give her a jewelry gift or if you fail in it sign up with nadar matrimony