Silver, white gold and platinum all look steelish white so why should I spend more and buy platinum which you have to explain around? People know platinum is more expensive when crafted as a jewelry but white gold simply looks the same so why to spend more? There are some unanswered questions which I intend to answer and explain to all my jewelry lovers. We need to understand why platinum jewelry costs higher than any other jewelry. The basic reasons which I comprehended when I had a discussion with the owner of an online jewelry store were really enlightening to me.

Earlier I always thought that because platinum is rare and scarce to find so it’s more expensive than gold but the following reasons just broadened my vision and knowledge which I feel all people who love buying jewelry should know.

That’s true that silver, white gold and platinum share almost same looks but platinum is the hardest metal and silver is the softer one. White gold has a different composition as it is not gold alone there are other alloys mixed which give it a white look. Zinc is primarily used to give it a white look and to add strength; other metals such as copper and nickel are also used.

Silver is out of line in high end jewelry and it is so soft that it loses its shape and gets dented very easily further it also gets oxidized and gets a green patina.

The competition lies between white gold and platinum.

Platinum jewelry is purer – how?

Composition of platinum jewelry is such that only 10% of other metal is mixed in making of it. Platinum itself is so hard that it can stand independently. Thereby, platinum can be called the king of a metal. So when you buy a platinum jewelry you are paying for pure platinum but in case of gold only 24K gold is 100% pure but it is so soft that a jeweler has to mix other alloys to give it a proper shape and make it stronger. So you end up buying a mixed gold it can be 18K (75% gold) or 14K (58% gold).

Platinum is stronger

Any gemstone held in platinum lasts for ages because platinum is so dense and hard that it clutches the gemstone well and never lets it escape. Diamonds fall out are more in other metals than platinum. Platinum is harder and so maintenance is easier. Silver gets dented within a year, gold gets dented in some years but platinum is a tough metal. Wear and tear is amazingly lesser in platinum than any other metal. Platinum is the favorite heirloom in many families which their youngsters wear with pride.

Sober designing

Platinum is very hard so not much of craftsmanship can be done with it. It’s the metal which seems much disciplined and does not like playing around. It’s good for anyone with a descent choice and especially for an engagement ring it’s a perfect choice. It is malleable but also hard so it cannot be easily casted into intricate patterns but that is what makes it unique and classy. You pay for purity and not for the frills. Only specialized tools and experienced craftsman can try his hand on adding artistic look to any platinum jewelry. Platinum has a higher melting point so some other gases are used to cast it into desired shape and design.

Heavier with same design and identical dimensions

When people browse on any online jewelry store and compare white gold ring with platinum with same designing and volume they are unable to gauge why they have to pay more for the platinum ring. The reason is, since platinum is denser so more volume of platinum goes into making of it than gold. Thus to cut it short gold is lesser in weight than platinum. For example, identical 14K ring of platinum weighs 15gm and gold ring will weigh only 10gms.

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