If your heart knows now that she is the one with whom you like to spend your entire life. Then it’s time to plan your road map of finally getting that important ‘yes’ from her.

You cannot miss this golden chance of living the entire life with your loved one. So, get prepared to select an engagement ring for her.

  • Fix your budget

It’s a treasured gift for lifetime. Plan your estimate so that it helps you to get what your belle expects from you or something close to her expectation.

  • Try to discover her preference

It’s your wallet but her finger for lifetime that will wear an engagement ring as the symbol of your love. She is human and need to be understood before you make a choice of your own. Try to figure out as a friend what kind of ring will make her happy. Is she fond of new trend or she likes the traditional jewelry. It’s always better to discover before you purchase this most sought jewelry for her to have an everlasting impression on her.

  • Let her family know that you are the one

Her family might be having a clue about your plans but it’s always better to hint them over a dinner or on some informal occasion to save yourself from their wrath. If you are already familiar with their culture, background and preferences then approaching them directly would also do no harm.

  • Buy an engagement ring

Once you are mentally and financially prepared for your purchase, browse online jewelry stores as they generally are quicker in displaying latest trends in the market. You can pick any style, cut ,gemstones or metal that will enhance her personality and is of her desire.

  • Prepare yourself to speak naturally

No imitated dialogues or over acting will help. Remember it’s going to be heart to heart and union of soul connection. So, be natural and emote your genuine feelings for her in a way that strikes her heart with your love.

  • Romantic place is the perfect background setting

Proposal made at the place that has meaning to you both or some exotic location to make it immemorial can be your choice. You know her and preferences so pick the location which will help you build strong relationship with her. Avoid proposing in a pool or locations where there are chances of losing your ring that embarrasses you each day in your memories. 

  • Surprise her

She might be having some hint of your activities as women have sharp instinct but stay normal until the D-day and win her by surprise. Actually, her reaction that generates after being surprised is not only natural but also the most beautiful that will stay in your eyes and heart forever.