Before we begin with jewelries that will suit your evening dress we need to take following aspects into consideration step by step.

Body type

Body type really plays a crucial role in selecting what to wear. Be it choosing a gown or a jewelry do not forget to understand what exactly looks good on you. What kind of dresses actually get you genuine compliments? If you are shorter or towards plumper type then  dresses with small print or vertical lines will suit you the best. Avoid circular patterns or horizontal lines. Any dress that gives it a partition look in a semi-circle pattern or is different colored from the bust or waist line will not be a go-go for you. Singular color with side color patterns or cleverly made by keeping your body type in mind will be a positive one. If wearing pants or jeans then prefer wearing dark colors or printed styles.

Types of gown

Simple formal gowns with self designing or twisting or with curves can take long or short earrings as well as a necklace. Your style statement will be visible and so wearing it will be a good option. Long sleeves gown do not need bracelets as it will hide in the fabric and it will turn out to be just an unwanted piece. Embellished gowns do not need much of accessories, but stud earrings can add to your charm.

Color of your gown

The color of your gown actually makes a difference. If its red then either you wear a combination of rubies and diamonds or simply diamonds. Even pearls look great. Dark colors take diamonds,pearls,matching color, platinum,white gold or rhodium treated jewelry. Some times yellow gold also makes a nice appearance.


How can one forget the occasion? If its your wedding day then the world’s best jewelry awaits your touch.But excess of any thing spoils the natural beauty. Do not forget to streamline your accessories in advance so that the opinion of others might not confuse on your special day. Do you like ruby engagement ring or some other gemstone? Your choice of gemstone tells a lot about you.