In the Holy Bible, three steps are mentioned which lead to marriage for Jewish community. First the families’ consent to the union then a public announcement being made. At this point the couple was betrothed, or engaged. Finally, they were officially married and began to live together. In olden times Betrothal, was somewhat similar to what we call engagement now. During Bible times when a Jewish couple was betrothed, they were already bound together by a contract that could only be broken through death or divorce.

Becoming of two souls into one:

With the blessings of elders and approval of acceptance to one another, the couple enters their engagement period. The duration varies from couple to couple and in what stage they are. There can be a difference of few hours to few months or years or even more. This exciting period is also called as courtship period in some cultures which definitely is in the knowledge of their families. The spiritual and emotional bonding during this period has its direct impact on the marriage years to come.

It’s the time period when to- be- bride and groom can spend together in knowing each other along with their families. The background, values and morals shared during this period will always have its impact on future togetherness. Although, never impossible habits and spiritual motives can be changed in future. The special bonding that develops sweetens the relationship and matures gradually with understanding and adaptability.

Sweet combination of distance and closeness:

The distance remaining is only “to get married” while engagement period gives enough happy moments to show how much you value this relationship. It’s the time when couples vow and dream together for a meaningful and happy life. They try to understand each other’s role and contribution needed for happiness. Eve date, luncheons and shopping together gives moment of closeness yet in limitation. The excitement of being one after the marriage gives internal happiness and vigor to life. It is also the period of comprehending the meaning of marriage and lifelong relationship. Families get fair time to discuss about wedding plans and expectations of celebration. With the commitment to marry comes the ability to take the relationship to an altogether higher level.

To subdue jittery feel:

It’s absolutely normal for bride and the groom to get nervous before marriage. They have all liberty to share their doubts or any natural apprehension before entering the lifelong commitment. This time period serves well as a relaxant to both. If due to any reason even if one of the partners feel uncomfortable and is unsure of being united for long then it should be immediately discussed between the two. Even the wise friend or parents should be resorted to for a better piece of advice.

 The Engagement Contract

Engagement contract also forms the foundation of marriage during this course. In some communities it is done at an initial stage while in some after the celebration. During this period other legal formalities if any are also taken care of.

Engagement period is thus the cool preparatory time for the D-day before the union of two souls.

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