It’s been long that we have been together.We were in initial phase of our relationship and had started of very well when he surprised me with a sterling silver amethyst pendant. Honestly, I loved his gesture at that moment. Only two months had passed by that he again astounded me with a gorgeous diamonds by the yard emerald necklace. Our relationship was getting cozier and each day was fulfilling. Life was at its best. Finally, he proposed me with my favorite tanzanite and diamond engagement ring. I like the violet – blue hue which is super trendy and classy wear. I had seen many of my friends wearing rubies, emeralds and sapphires but I liked tanzanite and somehow John had dug out my likeness for tanzanite. Its been healthy and happy four years of our married life now. My son two and a half years is close to my heart. With the passing time I realized John stopped gifting me jewelry. In the last three years I do not remember even a single dollar spent for buying me any jewelry. In the cocktail party last month I discussed with my friends and they too appeared in a similar perplex. It’s amazing that how and why our husbands changed all of a sudden. What make them think that we no longer need any jewelry? It’s not that I am a dissatisfied soul but thought of doing some research to find out the reasons behind. To my surprise, in most of the circumstances I discovered that women themselves lead them to such a situation unknowingly.

Top 6 Reasons for your man not getting you jewelry

  • On first anniversary or birthday or any other occasion many a times women shows dislike towards the jewelry gifted. This is not motivating for the man at all. He tries not to get into such an embarrassing situation further in life. So, my suggestions to all women across the globe please get rid of the habit of nagging or complaining. Put yourself in his shoes and try to feel what he has gone through.
  • He is never been told what you like. It’s not the price but his affection that should matter you. Discuss with him if you have come across some elegant or funky jewelry and express that you would like if he gifted that to you.
  • Most men are left in the impression that diamonds are only desired by women and due to financial constraints it’s not possible to buy diamond jewelry every time.
  • They are made to believe by you that you love to shop alone. You can manage your clothes and accessories on your own. Well! If you cast such an impression then how can you expect a jewelry gift from him? Every time it’s not possible for him to be selecting jewelry for you but for some special occasion you can make him understand that his opinion does matter to you.
  • Over the time you have stopped wearing jewelry and this might have given him an impression that your preferences in life have changed. Your outdated or broken jewelry is the reason for not wearing them but again how can you expect him to know it by default. After all you are a woman and not he. Your choice might have changed but you need to tell him. Don’t you?
  • Let him know which jeweler you trust or what designs you prefer. There are ample of online jewelry shops that have the whole catalog displayed on their website. So save his and your time.