Every individual is different and women are definitely different from men. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus- the New York Times bestseller by John Gray explains it all.

Women are romantic in nature and romance is not just being physically intimate. Romance and love has special meaning in their lives. For them love has its own way of expression. Gifting by their man is one of the most appreciated gestures. They just love it. They feel that they are being loved and cared. They feel happy about it and love discussing it with their close friends. Their gifts especially gifted by their man are close to their hearts and they love showing it to their kiths and kins. Women love hearing that they are loved. They want to be appreciated and acknowledged and gifting is a way of recognizing their efforts and physical declaration that they are loved.

Why Jewelry: still that bothering question?

No one can deny that even in the history we hear about kings and queens wearing precious gemstone and metals. These precious gemstones, metals and diamonds are scarce and it’s their scarcity that makes them valuable and leading to the desire of possession. Gemstones not only have their own colorful charm but possessing those gives a boost to someone’s ego. You feel you are luckier than others. Gemstones are associated with birthstones and their healing powers also make them desirable. However, their alliance with financial status cannot be ignored. There are some metals which have a high resale value in most of the civilization of the world. Yellow gold is one of them, platinum is expensive but very few buy them and those who buy rarely sell so resale value although estimated to be high does not get recorded.

Jewelry is the gift she will not discard. Your gift stays with her forever. Jewelry has been always talked in high terms and is a symbol of true love. Engagement ring is one of the jewelry that one cannot do without if in long term commitment. There are plenty of accessories which women love to wear. Earrings and pendants are easy to carry and can give them an enhanced look. So why not think of gifting them to her? Bracelet is another good pick as it lies on the wrists effortlessly. Gemstones bracelets look great on any attire. Emerald tennis bracelet or sapphire, ruby and tanzanite bracelets look cool and suit all occasions.

Believe me, giving her an earring or a bracelet may sound boring to you but to add sparkle to your relationship you must buy her jewelry. May be that means nothing to you but if her existence is important to you then you need to spend some time browsing on online jewelry stores and get her the latest wear. Remember to gift her with a surprising element. It does wonders. You only need to know her likes as a friend before you gift her something of your choice. Please do not forget it’s her body that she will be wearing on and it’s her choice that should matter the most. May be she will accept what you gift her without any fuss as she loves you but that half- hearted acceptance will fade away with time. So, get the best deal by striking on the right note.